Planing Mill

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By James Pett with research support from Sponsor

The Planing Mill was built by James Pett in 1875 when the Brigham City Co-op was at its peak. It was already operating 29 successful departments and providing the supplies and goods necessary for life within the pioneer community.

Producing cabinetry and furniture, the Planing Mill enhanced the Co-op’s construction enterprises already in operation. Square nails were also produced at the mill during the cooperative period.

John Finley Merrell, who worked at the planing mill for the Co-op, bought it on November 30, 1892. For many years he ran the business in partnership with his sons and sons-in-law, each in charge of a different department.

In 1905, the company name was changed from John F. Merrell & Co. to Merrell’s Lumber Company. After John F.’s death in 1931, his sons continued the business. It was subsequently taken over by his grandsons, John D. and Paul R. Merrell, who ran the business until 1983 when the Planing Mill stopped its full-time operation.

The Planing Mill was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990 as part of a multiple listing of Co-op buildings.

The building does not exist anymore.

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