Relief Society Granary

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Brigham Young asked the Relief Society women’s organization throughout Utah to collect, store, and distribute grain to the needy. The women accepted the assignment and the first year stored a total of 10,465 bushels of wheat. Women and children obtained the wheat by gleaning in the fields after the men had harvested the grain.

Brigham City’s Relief Society Granary was built in 1877 by the cooperative association. Children collected old glass which was crushed and mixed with the mortar used in the building to discourage mice from making holes in the walls and entering the building. Some mice did get in, however, and Relief Society President Harriet S. Snow set mouse traps inside the granary to keep them from the grain.

Located on the corner of the present Box Elder Middle School playing field, the granary is now owned by Box Elder School District who purchased it in 1913. It was used as a food storage facility for the school lunch program until 1987. It has been vacant since that time.

The granary was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990 as part of a multiple listing of Co-op buildings.

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