Buildings 1-3 (Administration Building and Honor Dorms )

Curated by: The Brigham City Heritage Tours Team

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The Administration Building at Bushnell stood in the direct center of the property, with the Nurses’ Quarters to the east. Though the area of several of the buildings that were used as the nurses’ quarters was later turned into a golf course, building two remained in relatively good shape until recently, when vandals and rodents found an entrance to the building.

These buildings, which were somewhat nicer than others, became the Honors Dorms for students who performed well at Intermountain. These dorms were often decorated with framed pictures to make them look nice. As a result, when officials visited Intermountain, they were taken to these dorms first so that they could see the “best side” of the school.

After Intermountain closed, this building was used as a private school as well as the Migrant Headstart preschool. Migrant Headstart was first created to provide aid for migrant farmworker families. The program was designed to ensure that young children did not have to be with their parents in the fields, where they were exposed to extreme heat, pesticides, and dangerous equipment. The parents of children who attended the Migrant Headstart likely worked in the orchards of Perry and Willard, and agricultural fields in Corinne, Honeyville, and Tremonton.

Several employees of Intermountain, including Secretary Laura Torres and Program Director Tom Hogan, recall seeing a ghostly figure of a Native American male if they were in the building too late at night. This idea of the “Extreme Guy,” a male ghost typically associated with violent or aggressive behavior, is a common supernatural motif explored by Dr. Jeannie Thomas of USU. For more information on this folklore motif, see Haunting Experiences: Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore.

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