Buildings 40 and 326 (Boys and Girls Gyms)

Curated by: The Brigham City Heritage Tours Team

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Upon arrival at Intermountain, students were dropped off at the gyms where they met faculty, administrators, and staff, and were then given the information that they needed for school at Intermountain — such as their dorm rooms, classes, and health checks.
The gyms were incredibly important to Intermountain. Often the site of Powwows, basketball games and wrestling matches, and even used once as a sort of “holding cell” for students involved in the infamous riot, these buildings were important pieces of Intermountain. Stepping into the gym, students were met with a mural painted by prominent Native American artist, Allan Houser. This empowering mural marked a stamp of presence and importance. This was the “Home of the Eagles,” and they were not to be taken lightly in their home. The design of the building was similar to the Box Elder Middle school gym, with the elevated bleachers looking down on the gym floor. This allowed spectators a wonderful view of dances and performances that students prepared during Powwows. On the night of the riot in 1974, former faculty member Norm Child recalls that students who were caught out of their dorms were sent to the gym for a count.

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