Buildings 43-42 (Student-Athlete Dorms)

Curated by: The Brigham City Heritage Tours Team

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Because these dorms were closest to the gyms, they often housed some of the student-athletes. Typically, students in these dorms would wake up and run up to the “I” and back, in training for track and field. Intermountain took pride in their sports program, taking state championships in several track and field events. While open, Houser painted murals in these buildings that feature desert landscape students would have recognized on the hard, snowy days.

These buildings stayed standing until Utah State University purchased the property. There was a boxing/karate training facility housed in one of the buildings, but that closed down after a short while.

Several murals from this dorm were unable to be salvaged due to the fact that they were painted on plaster walls that were unable to be cut out of the building, and others were too big to be taken out with the care needed to handle them. The hallway that connected this block of buildings deteriorated and collapsed shortly after Intermountain closed.
Legend trippers gained access to the buildings next to these by way of a balcony with an open window. They would climb up the balcony, crawl through the window, and gain access to the rest of the property.

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