B&B Billiards

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B&B Billiards, Brigham City’s only public bar, was founded by W.A. Box around 1903. Originally known as J&W’s Billiards, the establishment served only beef stew and hamburgers and did not provide any seating for customers. In 1924 the B&B converted into a bar. It is named for later owners, Red Baty, and his partner, whose name we don’t know, except that it started with a B as well.

In 1998, Annette Jones bought the B&B from Red Baty’s son Tom and worked hard to foster the B&B’s role as a center for the community. Many customers have come and gone, and Annette has worked hard to create a place where everyone can feel welcome and people can reminisce. The B&B serves people from all walks of life and works hard to foster a family feeling. They have held unofficial wakes and celebrations of life for many customers. Inside, an entire wall is dedicated to their clientele, including those who have passed away. Annette hopes to continue this family feeling. “So many of my customers have memories of the B&B with their father, grandfather, mother, sister, etc.” Annette observed, “The B&B is generational even for those who never drink.”

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