Idle Isle Fine Candy Shop

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At first, Idle Isle Fine Candy was part of the Idle Isle Cafe. Percy Knudson, the founder of Idle Isle, learned how to make candy at Logan’s Bluebird Cafe. He worked for free to learn the craft. Later, Percy and Verabel Knudson recruited Verabel’s brother, David Call, and his wife, LaRita, to come help with the business. The Calls were mainly responsible for the candy and ice cream business, while the Kundsons ran the restaurant. Both worked in unison to create a successful business. In 2004, Idle Isle Fine Candy moved to its current location in a historic building on the east side of Main Street, almost directly across from the cafe. Today, the Almond Crème Toffee is the most popular candy at Idle Isle Fine Candies.

During the first part of the 20th century, candy and ice cream parlors used to be the place where Brigham City’s teens “hung out.” For a time, John Musulas’s Hollywood Candy Company was the Idle Isle’s biggest rival. Although it has long since closed down, Brigham City residents fondly remembered spending time sipping soda-pop with their friends and going on dates at the Hollywood.

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