Ricardo's Mexican Restaurant

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Originally from California, Richard and Miriam Velazquez moved to Brigham City to enjoy Northern Utah’s “slower” lifestyle and to follow their dream of starting a family restaurant in 1992. They first opened Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant in nearby Perry before moving it to Brigham City’s historic downtown in 1994. Rick Velazquez, Richard and Miriam’s son, keeps his parents’ dream alive as the current owner of Ricardo’s.

Ricardo’s is known for Mexican specialties like Enchiladas and Chile Rellenos with original homemade sauce. On the weekends Ricardo’s serves their special Carne Asada. A recent remodel to the interior of the restaurant reflects the food on the menu; each part of the restaurant is designed to resemble parts of a traditional Mexican town. On the walls you might see a panadería (bakery) or a carnicería (meat shop).

Rick has no plans to move Ricardo’s. The family and restaurant have truly become Brigham City originals. Rick states, “Well in the last 20 years, I don’t know, we kind of just became part of the community. Through our works, through our services... My mother did a lot of charity, she would feed nursing homes and take food to the nursing home once a month and treat them as well. So that put us out here into the community as well. As I look at things now, 27 years later, we’re a huge staple to the community now... It’s all about service. Service is the number one thing here, to serve and to nourish.” Click the audio file below to hear a portion of Rick’s interview.

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