Old City Hall/Fire Station

Curated by: The Brigham City Heritage Tours Team

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The old City Hall/Fire Station was built in 1909 and orignally housed the fire department on the ground floor and city offices on the second floor. The bell in the building’s tower sounded a nightly curfew.

In 1935, the fire department moved into larger quarters. A remodeling project that year removed the large garage door, changed the building’s facade, and doubled the city’s office space. During the next three decades, the building housed all city departments, the police department, civil defense headquarters, and Circuit Court.

The police department moved out in 1966, and the remaining city departments left in 1973. The Brigham City Chamber of Commerce took over the building’s main floor in 1974 and continues to occupy it at present.

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

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