Building 10 (Girls’ Dorms)

Curated by: The Brigham City Heritage Tours Team

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These buildings were part of several patient wards at Bushnell.

This building was a part of the girls’ dorm cluster. Each cluster was made up of two buildings called a “block.” These two buildings were connected by hallways, but doors and hallways that led to other buildings remained locked. Each building had two dorm parents who worked in three shifts: day, swing, and night. While the students were at school, the dorm parents did the cleaning and laundry. Though the buildings weren’t haunted, several male students have recalled stories about sneaking into the basements of the girls’ dorms late at night and making noises to scare them.

This building, along with several others, were purchased shortly after the school closed, gutted, and then transformed into the townhomes that are still standing today. Several residents of the townhomes were rumored to call the police if they ever saw trespassers or other vandals at Intermountain, and as a result, teenagers often stayed clear of that area. There have been no strange sightings or reports that make it seem like the places are haunted by former Bushnell Hospital residents or Intermountain students.

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