Building 52 (Maintenance)

Curated by: The Brigham City Heritage Tours Team

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The clerestory architecture of this building is reminiscent of buildings often used for maintenance and laundry. Though the Bushnell Map has the general area marked “Wards,” there is a picture of a patient arrival that suggests it could have been an area of arrival.

Several students have related that this building was reserved for maintenance on furniture and supplies that broke, though there is no photographic evidence that proves this could be the case. In architecture, clerestory refers to a high section of wall that contains windows above eye level. The purpose of these windows is to admit light, fresh air, etc. This would make sense as the building has been rumored as maintenance, which would require both natural sunlight and also fresh air.

This building was sealed and left alone for decades after Intermountain closed. The cement floors and high ceilings with natural sunlight reveal the true beauty of the architectural structure.

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