Building 35 (Daycare)

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This building was part of several wards at Bushnell and potentially acted as an area where doctors met with patients who arrived via train.
This building was used as the daycare for the children of the Solo Parent Program.

The Room Loft opened about a decade after Intermountain closed, and has remained open since. A mural of circle animals that was painted when the building was a daycare can still be seen today.

Several legends surround this area specifically. The legends relate stories that serve as cautionary tales and feature babies crying late at night. The former police chief, Paul Tittensor recalled: “There were a lot of spooky buildings. There’s a building where the daycare was. They had 20 or 30 babies at any given time. It was hard to care for them, and there was a lot of crying going on. That building is there today, and I’ll bet you that if you go down there at night, you’ll hear the babies crying.” This is a common motif in old schools, nurseries, and hospitals where children were present. These legends are often told as cautionary tales used to warn trespassers of entering dangerous situations. Such tales are familiar in folklore, used in popular legends like La Llorona in Mexico, which warns young children to not go towards bodies of water they can drown in; as well as stories that warn children to stay out of forest areas. For more information on these cautionary tales, see Haunting Experiences: Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore.

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