Buildings 32-35 (Study Hall and Detention)

Curated by: The Brigham City Heritage Tours Team

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One of the buildings also acted as a detention center for students who were found off campus, and students who were caught drinking. Though there were two different buildings for the punishment -- one was a sort of “Study Hall” designed to make students finish homework, or served as punishment for missing class, being disruptive, etc.

The other was a “care center” where students were sent when they were caught drinking. This is where a lot of abuse at Intermountain occurred. One of the “treatments” for students who were intoxicated included injecting them with Thorazine, which made them easier to man-handle while also making them vomit and potentially recover more quickly. Several students reportedly fought with faculty here and were subject to other forms of physical abuse. Another form of punishment for drinking was student haircuts. This was particularly troubling as traditionally, some Native Americans cut their hair only when they are in mourning. For someone else to do it as a form of punishment embarrassed and upset students, and, in one case, forced a boy to hide in the basement of his dorm because he didn’t want anyone to see.

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